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Housing and the Environment

Are you interested in a home close to nature, surrounded by forests or near calming waters?

Ranua has lots of land available for permanent residences as well as holiday homes. Ranuan Vuokra-asunnot rents apartments in the town area and in the surrounding remote villages. Ranuan Infra takes care of the apartments’ housing management and property maintenance.

Plenty of room to build

The Municipality of Ranua’s Technical Department provides guidance and directs the construction of new buildings and renovations. A construction permit is sought from the municipality’s digital construction permit system lupapiste.fi, and personal guidance is always available. If the Finnish language still poses a bit of a challenge for you, reach out to us at tonttivaraukset@ranua.fi and we will help you take care of the necessary permits.

Information on land use planning, the lots available for sale and pending land use plan projects is provided by the municipality’s Technical Director Risto Niemelä.

Making visions come true

Ranua has lots of places for making your vision a reality. We have lots of land available for detached houses, free-time homes and terraced houses as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Here, you have the opportunity to build a home in the town centre or a cabin on the shore of a remote lake. If your visions are bigger than this, how about a hotel next to the wildlife park, a terraced house in the town centre near a lake shore or an industrial property along the highway in the immediate vicinity of the centre?

Reach out to us and find a place for your visions in Ranua!