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Ranua is small and boldly unique

We are creating new content for tourism through local culture.  Local tourist services include horse riding, boat safaris, Arctic nature services inspired by ice and snow, accommodation, sauna, summer fishing, culture trails, treks and country markets. RanuaVillages tourism will introduce you to village life and traditional work methods, fishing, berry picking and the unpolluted countryside in general. Local history and stories are included. RanuaVillages tourism is a new kind of service for tourists and for anyone else interested. RanuaVillages tourism services are described on colourful product cards and are easy to book. RanuaVillages tourism showcases genuine local culture.
You will find information on RanuaVillages tourism services at the info desk at RanuaZoo, at Hotel Ilveslinna and other accommodation facilities, and on the Ranua local authority website. Bookings may be made directly with the contact person of each service. You will know these services by the shared RanuaVillages brand. 
RanuaVillages tourism sites are marked on the map with letters on a coloured background. The sites are described in the following pages. The sites described in the previous pages are marked on the map with letters on a black background.

More information about local services for travellers: https://visitranua.fi/en/

Ranua Hillatori (Cloudberry Market Square) is located by the route 78 in the centre of Ranua. Berry-season begins usually in mid-July. You can buy cloudberries and other berries from market square every day, and other local products and delicacies are sold on market days on Wednesdays and Fridays from June-beginning of August.